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  1. Linn Lingo

    Linn Lingo


    The role of the Lingo is to ensure that the LP12’s platter revolves at exactly the correct speed, 33.3 or 45rpm, at all times. It also ensures that no ‘noise’ is issued from the turntable’s motor – a vital factor in extracting the maximum amount of information from every record.

  2. Linn Akubarik walnut

    Linn Akubarik Aktiv


    Akubarik Speakers

    Behind the elegant curves of the Akubarik speakers are a host of powerful technologies derived from our flagship Klimax system, plus the Akubariks have a few tricks of their own.

    The Isobarik bass system fires deep, powerful and controlled bass downwards through a precisely engineered air gap, while the 3K driver array ensures stunning clarity from mid and high frequencies. Integrated Exakt electronics and amplification complete the package.

  3. Majik LP12

    Linn Majik LP12


    The Majik LP12 turntable is for vinyl lovers of all ages, everywhere. For the first time, you can own a piece of Linn heritage in a simple turntable package with everything you need to enjoy Linn-quality vinyl reproduction.

  4. Klimax DSM silver front

    Linn Klimax DSM

    Ex-Demo version available for £13,995 with 4 year warrenty!

    Linn Klimax level Reference Digital Streamer with integrated pre-amplifier

    Klimax DSM is a network music player with inputs that plays everything and sounds amazing.

    With analogue and digital inputs you can connect any movie, games or audio source and make it sound incredible. Connect Klimax speakers and control it all with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Get instant access to new music and listen to any music apps, internet radio or online content.

  5. Urika under view

    Linn Urika


    The Linn Urika moving coil phono stage fits snugly inside the Sondek LP12 and works with the Linn Radikal motor upgrade to deliver a new benchmark in LP12 peformance.

    Contact us to discuss upgrade options for your LP12

  6. Linn Kandid Side front

    Linn Kandid



    Kandid is Linn’s best moving coil cartridge, designed to extract as much musical detail from your vinyl recordings as possible.

    The first thing you’ll notice about Kandid is that the motor housing is exposed. With no cartridge housing potential sources of resonance are removed, resulting in purer, cleaner sound, making all your vinyl sound better than ever.

  7. akurate power amp black front

    Linn Akurate 3200


    Akurate power amplifiers are responsive and powerful enough to power the most demanding music, delivering loud, complex passage and quiet interludes with equal precision. Featuring Linn's latest technologies, including Chakra amplification and Dynamik power, Akurate amplifiers represent the cutting edge in power amplification.

  8. Linn Kiko DSM System

    Linn Kiko DSM System

    Ex-Demo version available for £1700 with 2 year warrenty!

     Stream music over your home network from any computer or hard drive. Enjoy internet radio from around the world. Control it all from a laptop, tablet or phone.

    Everything you need

    Compact and complete, Kiko is all you need for great sound. Works straight out the box and is simple enough for everyone to use. The only thing you have to worry about is choosing a colour.

    Connects to your world

    You don't have to change how you listen to music, movies or games. Just make them sound better. Whatever you’re using — iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer — we've got a Kiko for you.

  9. Akurate DS Black Front

    Linn Akurate DS

    Regular Price: £5,150.00

    Special Price £3,799.00

    Save £1350!

    Ex-Demo model available. Reduced to £3799.


    Linn Akurate level Digital Streamer source component.

    Add Akurate DS to your hi-fi and bring the power of a network music player to your music collection.

    Squeeze the most out of every performance with dedicated Akurate components in your music system. If you’re serious about hi-fi, you need a source that preserves every last musical detail and gets the most from high resolution material.

  10. Radikal silver front standard case

    Linn Radikal (Akurate Casework)


    Linn Radikal replaces the standard AC motor and power supply, upgrading your Sondek LP12 transcription turntable to a new level of accuracy in musical reproduction.

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