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  1. M6 Pair

    Meridian Audio M6 DSP Speakers


    From the gently tapered column to its spherical base, the M6 offers a stunning contemporary design to complement your home. The slim, compact enclosure looks beautiful from 360 degrees, while providing an open sound that can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. The M6 is the perfect loudspeaker for people whose love of music is an integral part of their lifestyle. 

  2. DSP7200 Black

    Meridian Audio: DSP 7200.2

    From its piano lacquered curved cabinet to its raked rear heat sink, the DSP7200.2 can be called “functional art.”  

    Standing at just over one metre, The DSP7200.2 outperforms loudspeakers of up to four times their size, providing a convincing and life-size performance at home. Meridian’s unique DSP technologies provide the DSP7200 with freedom of room placement without sonic penalty. A new Enhanced Bass Alignment provides natural sounding bass that simply must be heard and now the pice has been repositioned down to £17,000, this offers a great chance for customers to upgrade. 
  3. Meridian Audio G57 Front

    Meridian Audio G57


    Designed to match other G Series components, G57 features a luxurious bead blasted metal exterior with glass accents. Two channels of 200 watts of clean power provide breathtaking performance from any passive loudspeaker. Like the G55 multi-channel amplifier, G57 is based on innovations in amplifier design first introduced in Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 Loudspeaker.  G57 is equally at home partnering with 800 or G Series. When combined with G55 and a Meridian Surround Controller, the G57 becomes an integral part of a 7.1 analogue theatre system.  


    Buy NOW with the Meridian Ultra DAC to get a FREE upgrade to the NEW Meridian 857 Reference Two-Channel Power Amplifier releasing soon!
    Offer ends upon the release of the 857 in late September 2016.
  4. G65 Front

    Meridian Audio: G65 Surround Controller


    G65 Surround Controller continues a 20-year legacy of category innovation and leadership.


    20 years ago, in 1994, Meridian released the world’s first Digital Surround Controller, the 565. That same year Meridian entered the emerging home theatre market with another first, the Meridian Digital Theatre. This concept was based on the company’s new range of digital loudspeakers and the 565. The Digital Theatre and the 565 won more than ten awards in the first twelve months of production.

  5. Media Source 200

    Meridian Audio: Media Source 200


    The Media Source 200 is a simple way to enjoy your music in an extra room. Simply connect your network to a pair of DSP Loudspeakers – which also power the unit – and it will effortlessly access your complete music library. 

    The Media Source 200 is exceptionally easy to use, and can be operated from the touchscreen of the Control 15, wirelessly from the free iPad or iPhone app, or any other available system controller.

  6. Meridian Audio 818v2 Reference Audio Core Front

    Meridian Audio: 818v3 Reference Audio Core


    The ultimate home audio system hub, the 818v2 Reference Audio Core represents the pinnacle of top-notch design and technical audio excellence. This is a high-performance pre-amplifier with a full suite of the proprietary resolution enhancement technologies that have made Meridian famous. With extensive connection options for all your audio sources, the 818v2 also has an internal digital source that can be connected, via Ethernet, to any Meridian Digital Media System. 

  7. Meridian Explorer 2

    Meridian Explorer 2


    Hear More and Feel More
    Meridian’s new Explorer² is the successor to the popular and widely acclaimed Explorer pocket USB DAC. Featuring a dramatically increased complement of DSP, Explorer² is able to incorporate the full suite of Meridian’s audio enhancement technologies to provide a more realistic, natural sound than ever before.


  8. DSP5200 White

    Meridian Audio DSP 5200.2


    Providing astonishing musical power, the New DSP5200.2 redefines the compact floor standing loudspeaker category. This remodelled speaker improves musicality and control over their predecessors and not only that but Meridian have lowered the prcie by £1,000. A true, full range loudspeaker, the DSP5200.2 often surprises listeners with their ability to provide deep impactful bass. Standard finishes are offered in Piano Lacquered white or black.  Included in the Meridian Select program, 270 bespoke color finishes are available, making them at home in any décor.

  9. DSP 640

    Meridian Audio: DSP640 (single)


    Building on the performance of the DSP520, the DSP640 is designed for the most demanding of listeners. The DSP640 shares the same visual width and sonic character of the DSP520, making them perfect companions in a Meridian Digital Theatre.

    In addition to Meridian’s unique Wide Band driver technology, the DSP640 features dual-long throw woofers for extended bass, and dynamic range that is perfect for today’s high-resolution music and movies. All of this adds up to floor-standing loudspeaker performance, without a single inch of floor space.

  10. DSP8000SE Black

    Meridian Audio: DSP 8000 SE


    The Special Edition DSP Loudspeaker Range is the result of Meridian’s ongoing research into how we, as humans, “hear” sound. These findings dictated improvements that have led to the loudspeaker’s lifelike performance. Quite simply, the Special Edition DSP Loudspeakers, and matching centre channels, are the best sounding loudspeakers Meridian has ever created.

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