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  1. Meridain DSP5200 SE In Black

    Meridian Audio DSP 5200 SE


    2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of Meridian’s first digital loudspeaker – in fact the first digital loudspeaker in the world – the D600 in 1989.

    The smallest of Meridian's Special Edition range of enhanced DSP Loudspeakers, the DSP5200SE is under a metre high, but delivers exceptional performance. Here is where the Meridian DSP Loudspeaker philosophy really comes into its own, delivering simply stunning bass and full-range performance from a relatively small cabinet.

  2. HD621

    Meridian Audio: HD621


    The HD621 is a pitch-perfect problem solver. HDMI connectors are a common sight on high-definition equipment, helpfully carrying audio and video signals. But digital video signals can prove detrimental to sound quality – so the HD621 cleverly solves this problem by extracting the audio signal from the HDMI input and routing it through the high-tech audio processing of a Meridian system.  

  3. Media Source 600

    Meridian Audio: Media Source 600


    The Media Source 600 is the high performance way to listen to your music in either your primary, or even secondary room in your home. It will play your media library and can be effortlessly operated from the Meridian Control 15 touchscreen, from the free iPad or iPhone app, or any other system controller. 

    Including Meridian’s latest suite of DSP audio enhancement technologies and derived from the Reference 800 Series, the Media Source 600 provides lifelike musical performances. A comprehensive set of high quality audio connections are included – making it easy to connect to either a Meridian or any audio system. 

  4. Meridian Audio 861v8 Surround Controller Front

    Meridian Audio: 861v8 Surround Controller


    The Meridian 861 sits at the heart of the ultimate movie system, linking all your audio sources such as Blu-ray disc players, at the highest quality. Truly the brains of your home theatre operation, the 861 represents the most advanced example of our ground-breaking DSP control and processing system for the very highest-quality audio and video performance.

  5. Meridian Director Main Shot

    Meridian Director


    Director, also known as Direct DAC, is a simple way to enjoy Meridian and make all your digital music sound its best. Director is a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio quality from any digital source.

  6. DSP5200 HC Black

    Meridian Audio DSP 5200 HC Centre


    Designed to compliment the DSP5200, the DSP5200HC provides full range playback in a horizontal centre channel package. The DSP5200HC offers unique DSP technology that allows it to be placed on a shelf or in a cabinet without sonic penalty. Like its larger sibling, the DSP7200HC, it is designed to sonically integrate with any Meridian DSP Loudspeaker including the latest range of In-walls. DSP5200HC is included in the Meridian Select program, offering 270 bespoke color finishes making this centre channel at home in any décor.

  7. Meridian G55 Front

    Meridian Audio: G55

    Regular Price: £3,000.00

    Special Price £2,550.00

    Presented with its beautifully engineered exterior of metal and glass to complement the G65, this multi-channel amplifier provides the muscle and finesse to your passive loudspeaker system. The G55’s robust chassis contains five identical 100 watt amplifiers based on Meridian’s award winning DSP8000 amplifier technology. When combined with a Meridian Surround controller, such as G65, this multi-channel amplifier will form the core of a 5.1 high performance analogue theatre system.   

  8. White Audio Core 200 with DSP3200 Speakers

    Meridian Audio: Audio Core 200

    Regular Price: £899.00

    Ex-Demo Price: £749.00

     Ex-Demonstration unit available in black.

    The Audio Core 200 is a stereo audio controller, designed to unify all your audio sources and form an elegant system with any pair of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers. It forms an easy connection with your CD player, radio tuner, set-top box, games console, media player, PC and more. Not content with that, the Audio Core 200 also contains some of the most powerful audio enhancement technologies in the world.   Also fully compatible with Meridian’s Digital Media System and i80 Dock for iPod, the Audio Core 200 is a case-study in high-tech audio design. It is truly equipped to be the heart of your system.

    Stunning design, uniquely engineered form, and a plethora of high-tech features: that’s what you need in a product worthy of being called ‘the heart of your system’. It’s also a perfect description of the Audio Core 200.   

  9. Media Drive 600

    Meridian Audio: Media Drive 600


    Connected to your network, the Media Drive 600 can be located anywhere in your home. This allows it to be located outside of your listening room, offering access to up to 10,000 albums without any distracting hard drive noise. The Media Drive 600 represents digital music storage raised to a fine art.


    Providing expanded storage for large collections with the peace of mind of automatic back up for all of your music, the Media Drive 600 is the perfect compliment.
  10. Meridian Audio 808v5 Signature Reference CD Player (Front, SIlver)

    Meridian Audio: 808v6 CD


    Meridian has an indelible role in the history of the CD player, with a proud track record of state-of-the-art, award-winning players. The 808v6 Signature Reference CD Player is the fruit of that legacy, and it continues to push the boundaries of both design and sound performance.   Extremely advanced high-end audio technologies have been implemented to drastically reduce digital errors  – by as much as 40 per cent – as well offering an unparalleled array of set-up options and connections.   

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