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  1. tzero white

    REL T-Zero Sub



    Miracle in miniature

    This modern life we inhabit, where less space means more enjoyment in more rooms than ever before. Movies in the bedroom growls, rumbles  and springs to life, the gaming console in a spare room takes on a whole new meaning when the effects are suddenly rendered with lifelike bass, and your favorite digital music files appear and float in front of the listener with lifelike clarity and power. T-Zero makes each experience better, enriching even modest systems with power and natural bass.


    Free UK Mainland shipping.

  2. r528se front side

    REL R-528SE

    Regular Price: £1,749.00

    Special Price £1,499.00


    528SE is borne from the fusion of the power and devastating speed of the legendary G-1 and uses the identical 12″ carbon fibre bass engine from this model. Featuring a full 2-inch stroke, this powerful engine imbues 528SE with lightning fast reflexes, immense power and yet a subtle tactility that is usually the reserved for pure reference products.


    Free UK Mainland Shipping.

  3. REL Habitat main shot

    REL Habitat 1

    Regular Price: £1,999.00

    Ex-Demo Price: £1,499.00

    The Future Is Now

    Habitat1 is a brilliant new concept that takes sub bass to new levels by incorporating the room, your Habitat, into our design. It is common in design circles to speak of taking the room into account, but never has the complete system approach employed by REL been utilized so utterly to one singular purpose. Perfect, deep bass that emanates almost invisibly from somewhere hidden within the room.


  4. REL 212SE

    REL 212SE


    Introducing 212/SE, our most powerful and agile subwoofer, designed exclusively for larger systems and rooms to allow superior state of the art speakers to spring to full voice.

  5. REL Arrow Transmitter

    REL Arrow Transmitter


    Arrow™ Zero Compression Wireless: REL are quickly growing into an industry leader in wireless.

  6. REL Gibraltar G1 Stacking Rail

    REL Gibraltar G1 Stacking Rail


    Live bass does not live at floor level alone. It emerges, sometimes gently, sometimes with violence, in sheets and clouds.

  7. REL S/2

    REL S/2


    Whilst S/2 may be the least expensive, most compact chassis in the S range, it would be a mistake to think of it as anything but a true thoroughbred.

  8. REL Gibraltar G1

    REL Gibraltar G1


    When one removes the normal design limits of budget and size, something close to perfection is possible. Coupled with a keen sense of proportion and design discipline, Gibraltar is winning awards and setting new standards all over the globe. The 13 coats of hand applied and carefully buffed lacquer draw those attracted to beauty, but serious students of the REL way know Gibraltar combines the ultimate Sub-Bass power amplifier topology, the fastest impulse-correct filter circuits, the finest 10” and 12” carbon fibre sub-bass engines we have ever developed and the most complex and beautiful cabinets that we have ever conceived. Nothing stands as solid and anchored as…Gibraltar.

  9. REL S/5

    REL S/5


    S/5 SHO exceeds the mandate for mid-level models and crosses this model into true reference quality.

  10. REL Gibraltar G2 Stacking Rail

    REL Gibraltar G2 Stacking Rail


    Live bass does not live at floor level alone. It emerges, sometimes gently, sometimes with violence, in sheets and clouds.

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