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  1. Arcam UDP-411 Front

    Arcam UDP-411 Universal Disc Player



    Few specialist manufactures have ever stepped up to the plate where development of video playback is concerned.
    The technological know-how required for the successful design of high performance video sources is vast. With
    more than ten years of digital video experience, not to mention global recognition of its efforts, Arcam is proud
    to announce the arrival of it’s newest disc player, the UDP411.


  2. Yamaha BD-S681 Black

    Yamaha BD-S681


    In addition to support for Blu-ray 3D™ playback and network functions such as Miracast™ compatibility and Wi-Fi built in, the BD-S681 offers many advanced features for high quality audio and video enjoyment, including 4K upscaling, CD Mode and Pure Direct.

  3. Yamaha BD-A1060 Black

    Yamaha BD-A1060


    A Blu-ray Disc™ player that offers the superior benefits of AV entertainment associated with the AVENTAGE name. In addition to the expected high level of video quality, it features high performance audio devices and functions such as 32-bit audio DACs and CD Mode. Teaming it with an AVENTAGE AV receiver will provide truly outstanding performance.

3 Item(s)