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  1. G65 Front

    Meridian Audio: G65 Surround Controller

    Ex-Demo version available for £2400.00

    G65 Surround Controller continues a 20-year legacy of category innovation and leadership.


    20 years ago, in 1994, Meridian released the world’s first Digital Surround Controller, the 565. That same year Meridian entered the emerging home theatre market with another first, the Meridian Digital Theatre. This concept was based on the company’s new range of digital loudspeakers and the 565. The Digital Theatre and the 565 won more than ten awards in the first twelve months of production.

  2. HD621

    Meridian Audio: HD621

    Ex-Demo version available for £600.00

    The HD621 is a pitch-perfect problem solver. HDMI connectors are a common sight on high-definition equipment, helpfully carrying audio and video signals. But digital video signals can prove detrimental to sound quality – so the HD621 cleverly solves this problem by extracting the audio signal from the HDMI input and routing it through the high-tech audio processing of a Meridian system.  

  3. Meridian Audio 861v8 Surround Controller Front

    Meridian Audio: 861v8 Surround Controller


    The Meridian 861 sits at the heart of the ultimate movie system, linking all your audio sources such as Blu-ray disc players, at the highest quality. Truly the brains of your home theatre operation, the 861 represents the most advanced example of our ground-breaking DSP control and processing system for the very highest-quality audio and video performance.

  4. Anthem Statement D2V Front

    Anthem Statement D2V Processor


    The D2v 3D pushes the boundaries on what you expect from music and home theater performance. With the unparalleled flexibility you have to come to expect from Anthem processors, it provides both the versatility and adjustability you need to ale all of your digital video components work together seamlessly. The results are spectacular.

  5. Yamaha CX-A5100. Front with remote

    Yamaha CX-A5100


    Absolute Quality, Absolute Realism.
    11.2-channel AV Pre-Amplifier at the pinnacle of the AVENTAGE Series.
    Superb sound quality combined with fine craftsmanship ensures an unequalled listening experience.
    Latest technologies include high rigidity chassis, ESS DACs and reliable balanced connection.

5 Item(s)