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Meridian Audio: Media Drive 600

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Connected to your network, the Media Drive 600 can be located anywhere in your home. This allows it to be located outside of your listening room, offering access to up to 10,000 albums without any distracting hard drive noise. The Media Drive 600 represents digital music storage raised to a fine art.


Providing expanded storage for large collections with the peace of mind of automatic back up for all of your music, the Media Drive 600 is the perfect compliment.
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Media Drive 600

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Media Drive 600 offers extensive storage with automatic mirrored backup in an elegant enclosure that may be freestanding or rack mounted. Drive bays are front-mounted for easy access to hard drives. The case of the Media Drive 600 is uniform with the Media Source 600 and visually compliments both Reference 800 Series and G Series components, with a bead-blasted finish in silver and black metal.  

Media Drive 600 can be networked to any other Meridian digital media product. The Media Drive 600’s music is then combined and displayed with the existing albums as one large collection. 

Extensive storage with automatic mirrored backup

Full integration with Meridian audio systems.

Can be networked to any other streaming product, automatically adding extra storage fully integrated with existing libraries.


Dual RAID-based hard drives offer enormous storage (up to 2TB) for many thousands of CD albums in pristine lossless quality.

Currently-tested hard disc drives may each be up to 2TB in capacity.

Like other digital media components from Meridian, Media Drive 600 may be remotely monitored to provide advance warning of possible drive failure or other problems, which can then be pre-emptively addressed by the retailer or installer.

Drive bays are accessible from the front of the unit for easy access and maintenance.

Within Media Drive 600 is a pair of front-loading, hard drive bays, each capable of carrying pairs of identical drives with capacity of up to 2TB each. The drives are configured as a RAID 1 array with automatic mirrored backup: thus the storage offered by the system in its standard configuration is up to 2TB. These allow the unit to store approximately 5,000 CD albums in FLAC format.

Via Meridian’s Technical Support department, the drives can alternatively be configured as a RAID 0 array for a total of 4 TB primary storage, or approximately 10,000 albums at CD quality, with backup being handled externally.  

Technical Documents:

Media Drive 600 Data Sheet





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Drive bays
Supplied with bays for two up to 2TB drives configured as a RAID 1 system
Rear panel power switch
Front panel back-lit on/off button
Power button LED illuminates blue during startup and shudown; white when operating.
Six front-panel LEDs as follows (L-R):
LED 1: Error indicator    
On=boot failure; flashing=drive mount failure.
LED 2: Temperature indicator
On=product overheating
LED 3: CPU load indicator
On=CPU is running at greater than 80% usage.
LED 4: RAID drive 1 failure indicator
On=RAID marked drive 1 as failed.
LED 5: RAID drive 2 failure indicator
On=RAID marked drive 2 as failed.
LED 6: Ethernet disconnect indicator
On=Ethernet cable is not detected
If RAID1 and RAID2 LEDs are toggling, one of the drives is being restored to – ie a single new drive has been inserted with an existing working drive.
If all six LEDs are illuminating sequentially back and forth, the drives are being initialized with a new filesystem, i.e. two new drives have been inserted.
Mains operation, universal voltage power supplyFinishBead-blasted, anodised, black and silver aluminium uniform with Media Source 600.
6kg (13.2lb) without drives
440 x 97 (2U) x 350mm (18 x 3.8 x 13.8in) not including rear connectors (WHD)