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  1. Rotel RT-11 Black

    Rotel RT-11


    The RT-11 offers very high performance reproduction of both FM and DAB+ broadcasts and provides a perfect solution for those who simply need a great sounding radio.

  2. Rotel RT-12 Black

    Rotel RT-12


    Whether listening to an internet radio, FM or DAB+ broadcast, or music files located on your computer, they will never sound better coming from the RT-12.

  3. Rotel RT-1570 Black

    Rotel RT-1570


    With features such as a high quality Wolfson DAC, a Rotel custom wound toroidal transformer with independent power supplies for the digital and analog sections, and premium Slit Foil capacitors, the RT-1570 delivers superb audio performance from DAB+, FM, and internet radio broadcasts, as well as music files stored on a local media server.

  4. Rotel RCX-1500 Black

    Rotel RCX-1500


    Although the RCX-1500 is an “all in one” model, compromise is not part of the design.

4 Item(s)