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  1. LG 65UH950V, Ultra HD 4K 65" Flat Screen TV

    LG 65UH950V, Ultra HD 4K 65" Flat Screen TV


    The IPS 4K Quantum Display sets the LG SUPER UHD TV apart from other UHD TVs. With billions of lifelike colours, the pictures and images on the LG SUPER UHD TV looks as real as nature itself.
    And from any viewing angle, it is equally engaging thanks to 4K resolution that is four times higher than Full HD.

  2. Panasonic Reference OLED TX-65EZ1002B

    Panasonic EZ1002 4K OLED Reference screen


    Panasonic EZ1002 4K OLED If you're looking for an uncompromising image performance with the most accurate pictures ever seen on a consumer display then the Panasonic EZ1002 should certainly be on your (very) short list. It has a good set of features, two remote controls, a low input lag and plenty of connections. The included soundbar might be something of an acquired taste but it does sound good and if you'd rather use your own audio solution, it can be removed entirely. There's no getting around the fact that the EZ1000 is expensive but if picture quality is your primary concern and you would like the best, then the Panasonic is not just the TV of choice but will also surpass expectations. Professional nature of its processing resulted in images that were simply sublime with deep blacks, excellent shadow detail and superb contrast. Colours were very natural, the scaling/deinterlacing was impressive, the motion handling surprisingly good and the screen free of any discolouration or other artefacts. The performance with standard dynamic range content was incredibly impressive and with high dynamic range material it was also excellent thanks to accurate colours and precise tone mapping. The fine detail of the 4K panel and the pixel level precision of the specular highlights all combined to produce lovely HDR images.

2 Item(s)