How a Linn LP12 is made.

Have you ever wondered why a Linn LP12 sounds so good? What sort of level of engineering goes into making one of the most iconic turntables ever made, well, feast your eyes on this video.
A tour through the construction and building of a Scottish classic (Or should that be Klassik…!)


How it Works: Linn LP12 Sondek.


Linn Majik Level LP12 Sondek:

Pro-Ject 9CC Carbon Fibre tonearm, Linn Adikt cartridge, solid base plate, Majik power supply.


Linn Majik LP12
Linn Majik LP12



If you haven’t heard a Linn LP12 and you are looking at purchasing a new turntable then it really is one that should be on your list to demo. We have been a Linn dealer for over 35 years and have seen record decks go from strength to strength in that time.

We regularly have pre-owned LP12’s for sale and can advise on all aspects of servicing and upgrades to your beloved turntable. We are offering a half price health check on LP12’s until the closing ceremony of the Olympics (Aug 21st) for the people who want to hide away from the sport and enjoy their hi-fi!

The health check is normally £120, reduced to £60 and for this we will fully inspect and test your LP12, advise on any repairs/servicing needed and give you some options for what can be done to improve the performance. If you then go ahead with a service we will do a special price on the servicing bringing the cost down from £160 to £120. Contact us to find out more or to arrange a demo.

We can also offer trade-in options if you already have a turntable and want to upgrade to a Linn LP12. Contact us to discuss options.




Linn Klimax Level LP12 Sondek:

Ekos SE tonearm, Keel Sub Chassis, Kandid Cartridge, Radikal DC Motor and control,

Urika internal phono stage, Trampolin2 Suspension baseboard, Plinth available in Black Ash,

Cherry, Walnut, Rosenut or Oak.


Linn Klimax level LP12
Linn Klimax level LP12




Linn LP12 Gallery

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Linn Krystal MC Cartridge
Linn Krystal MC Cartridge

The new Moving Coil cartridge from Linn, ideal replacement for

the Linn Klyde or Troika.




Linn Akito Tonearm
Linn Akito Tonearm

The starting point for Linn tonearms. Amazing engineering and




Linn Adikt MM Cartridge
Linn Adikt MM Cartridge.

Precision engineered moving magnet cartridge,

ideal replacement for the older K9 carts on older

Linn decks.



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