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Mobile Fidelity UHQR: Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

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This is an un believable example of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the moon.  It has only ever been played twice on a Zarathustra turntable which we also have for sale.  This copy has only ever been cleaned with anti static brush and never with solution, we think it is in as close to mint condition as possible without being sealed.

This customer presently has the full set of the UHQR for sale and they are in the same condition.  How often we have the possibility to buy a full set, in this condition and only played on this level of turntable, we are not sure.

This has had one owner from new so please email us for full break down lists of his collection and prices.

Mobile Fidelity UHQR:  Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

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In 1981, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab also produced eight UHQR (Ultra High Quality Record) albums.

Album Box: The record album is housed in a 3/4 inch thick black cardboard box. On the inside of the cover of the box is a pouch that holds the Technical Specification Manual, and the UHQR Certificate of Authenticity. The record itself is housed in a separate inner album cover, sandwiched in between two 1/4 inch foam protectors. The inner album cover is black with "Original Master Recording." in a red strip at the top, and "UHQR By Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab" in the lower right corner. Inside the inner album cover, the record is in a static free inner sleeve.

Production Run: All MFSL UHQR albums were made in limited quantities of 5,000 numbered copies each.

Super Vinyl: MFSL UHQR records were made with Super Vinyl. Super Vinyl was produced using a highly-polymerized synthetic resin with high vinyl acetate content derived from a vinylchloride-vinylacetate coploymer. Its characteristics include superior elasticity, extreme durability, and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Its frequency response is so accurate that the specification of plus or minus 0.5dB is maintained over a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

Technical Specifications:
Distortion: Distortion was so low on MFSL UHQR records that nearly theoretical values were achieved. Low, mid, and high range distortions were improved by 12, 10 and 6 dB or more, respectively.
Frequency Response: Frequency response on MFSL UHQR records is flat. Its accuracy is within plus or minus 0.5 dB, whereas conventional records have a frequency response of plus or minus 3 dB.
Record Quality: Production of UHQR records by MFSL produced minimal individual disc quality variations.
Surface Vibration: Mid-range disc surface vibration at 700 Hz was reduced by 10 dB.
Wear Resistance: Because MFSL UHQR records are flat, thick, and free from physical shape distortion, there is relatively little wear resistance.

UHQR Characteristics: The sound quality of UHQR records is excellent. They have solid bass, more substantive imaging, a better three-dimensional field, and greater definition of inner detail than any other record. UHQR albums are perfectly flat, eliminating tracking errors, mechanical pickup vibration, and disc surface vibration due to reproduced sound pressure from the speakers. They are also thicker than conventional records, significantly reducing disc surface vibration. These records are made with Super Vinyl, producing high forming accuracy and excellent wear resistance. Each UHQR record was pressed with an ultra precision mold on a totally unique, high precision press, developed by JVC as a result of its research with the original CD-4 disc and VHD / ADH video-disc production process. Pressing irregularities, such as "orange peel," were eliminated, resulting in reduced low frequency range distortion.

Vinyl Weight: MFSL UHQR albums were pressed on 200 gram Super Vinyl but the Dark Side of the Moon was pressed on 220g  


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