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  1. Majik DSM Front Black

    Linn Majik DSM

    Ex-Demo version in black available for £2499

     Linn Majik level Digital Streamer with integrated amplifier

    Connect your living room together with Majik DSM and bring great music to the heart of your home.

    With the power and precision to handle anything you throw at it, you can turn up the volume and fill any room with great sound. Connect your Blu-ray player or games console and get better soundtracks and special effects, or stream any audio from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  2. Radikal silver front standard case

    Linn Radikal (Akurate Casework)


    Linn Radikal replaces the standard AC motor and power supply, upgrading your Sondek LP12 transcription turntable to a new level of accuracy in musical reproduction.

  3. Linn Ekos SE

    Linn Ekos SE


    Setting a new performance benchmark, Ekos SE features advanced materials carefully selected for their sound performance and low resonance properties to minimise interference, resonance and microphony, and extract even more from your vinyl collection.

  4. Klimax Level LP12 Oak Close-up

    Linn LP12 Sondek. Klimax Level


    Linn Sondek. Klimax LP12.

    Introduced in 1972, the Sondek LP12 was Linn’s first product and helped demonstrate that the most important element in any quality music system is the source of the music itself.

    Launched at a time when amplifiers and loudspeakers were seen as being most critical to the performance of any system, the Sondek LP12 showed that extracting more information from the record itself was the most critical challenge.

  5. Linn Kiko DSM System

    Linn Kiko DSM System

    Ex-Demo version available for £1700 with 2 year warrenty!

     Stream music over your home network from any computer or hard drive. Enjoy internet radio from around the world. Control it all from a laptop, tablet or phone.

    Everything you need

    Compact and complete, Kiko is all you need for great sound. Works straight out the box and is simple enough for everyone to use. The only thing you have to worry about is choosing a colour.

    Connects to your world

    You don't have to change how you listen to music, movies or games. Just make them sound better. Whatever you’re using — iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer — we've got a Kiko for you.

  6. Linn LP12 Keel

    Linn LP12 Keel


    Keel is machined from a single solid piece of aluminium to provide extremely rigid support to the tonearm and platter. Eliminating screws, fixings and joins between each component removes virtually all vibration, resulting in more accurate music reproduction.

  7. Linn Uphorik front black

    Linn Uphorik


    Fine-tune your turntable system to get the perfect sound from your vinyl with Linn Uphorik.

    Uphorik features separate dedicated inputs and circuits for MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) cartridges, with adjustment switches which allow you to easily optimise your settings to your particular cartridge.

  8. Linn Adikt

    Linn Adikt


    Linn’s unrivalled pedigree in the area of vinyl transcription has helped create the class-leading Adikt cartridge, bringing you a smooth and extended frequency response from all your vinyl recordings.

  9. Linn Akurate 4200 black front

    Linn Akurate 4200


    Akurate power amplifiers are responsive and powerful enough to power the most demanding music, delivering loud, complex passage and quiet interludes with equal precision. Featuring Linn's latest technologies, including Chakra amplification and Dynamik power, Akurate amplifiers represent the cutting edge in power amplification.

  10. Linn Sneaky DS

    Linn Sneaky DS


    Linn Sneaky level Digital Streamer with integrated amplifier.

    Perfect for fitting into any home or office system, Sneaky DS can be connected directly to speakers or integrated within a hi-fi system as a dedicated source.

    A great introduction to Linn DS technology, Sneaky brings the power of a network music player to any music system.

    Sneaky Music ds combines the convenience of a network music player with linn's experience, expertise and commitment to high quality music reproduction.
    With on-board volume control and a built-in power amplifier, add sneaky ds to your home network and connect your loudspeakers to enjoy the best quality
    reproduction of your music available from a network music player.

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