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  1. G65 Front

    Meridian Audio: G65 Surround Controller

    Ex-Demo version available for £2400.00 in black

    G65 Surround Controller continues a 20-year legacy of category innovation and leadership.


    20 years ago, in 1994, Meridian released the world’s first Digital Surround Controller, the 565. That same year Meridian entered the emerging home theatre market with another first, the Meridian Digital Theatre. This concept was based on the company’s new range of digital loudspeakers and the 565. The Digital Theatre and the 565 won more than ten awards in the first twelve months of production.

  2. Meridian Audio 808v5 Signature Reference CD Player (Front, SIlver)

    Meridian Audio: 808v6 CD


    Meridian has an indelible role in the history of the CD player, with a proud track record of state-of-the-art, award-winning players. The 808v6 Signature Reference CD Player is the fruit of that legacy, and it continues to push the boundaries of both design and sound performance.   Extremely advanced high-end audio technologies have been implemented to drastically reduce digital errors  – by as much as 40 per cent – as well offering an unparalleled array of set-up options and connections.   

  3. DSP3300 White horizontal.

    Meridian Audio DSP 3300


    Ingeniously engineered to be versatile within your home, the DSP3300 is an ideal building block in a compact Meridian system. The DSP3300’s precision-manufactured cabinet includes a rubber mount, enabling the speaker to be placed horizontally or vertically with no reduction in sound quality.  The design is also suitable for wall mounting.

  4. DSP520 Exploded View

    Meridian Audio: DSP 520 In-Wall


    Offering the same performance as the multi-award winning M6, the DSP520 brings in-wall loudspeaker performance to a new level. Featuring an elegant profile only 8 inches wide, the DPS520 is perfect for delivering high quality music discretely in any room.

    Integral to the DSP520’s design is Meridian’s Wide Range Driver Technology. This technology eliminates the traditional crossover between a tweeter and mid-range driver found in every other design and enables the DSP520 to have unmatched mid-range quality especially with voices.

  5. DSP8000SE Black

    Meridian Audio: DSP 8000 SE


    The Special Edition DSP Loudspeaker Range is the result of Meridian’s ongoing research into how we, as humans, “hear” sound. These findings dictated improvements that have led to the loudspeaker’s lifelike performance. Quite simply, the Special Edition DSP Loudspeakers, and matching centre channels, are the best sounding loudspeakers Meridian has ever created.

  6. Meridian Audio Prime Headphone Amplifier Front

    Meridian Audio: Prime Headphone Amplifier


    Recently, the headphone market has greatly increased in popularity, and for many it is the primary way to experience music. This choice is based not only on performance, but also feel, comfort, and style. It is with this in mind we introduce Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier.



    Due to unprecedented demand of Meridian's Prime Headphone Amplifier and Prime Power Supply, please enjoy a complementary Meridian Explorer 2 with your order as Meridian build and ship more of these products.

  7. Meridian Audio Distributor 3 Front

    Meridian Audio: Distributor 3


    The Distributor 3 is perfect for adding Meridian sound throughout your home. It is designed to seamlessly integrate all of your distributed audio sources and control system with any pair of DSP Loudspeakers. Up to three rooms can be added, and multiple Distributor 3 units can be used for additional rooms. Each room can choose any model from Meridian’s extensive range of DSP Loudspeakers, including free standing, bookshelf, or in-wall models.

  8. M6 Pair

    Meridian Audio M6 DSP Speakers

    Ex-Demo pair available for £2400

    From the gently tapered column to its spherical base, the M6 offers a stunning contemporary design to complement your home. The slim, compact enclosure looks beautiful from 360 degrees, while providing an open sound that can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. The M6 is the perfect loudspeaker for people whose love of music is an integral part of their lifestyle. 

  9. DSP7200 Black

    Meridian Audio: DSP 7200.2

    From its piano lacquered curved cabinet to its raked rear heat sink, the DSP7200.2 can be called “functional art.”  

    Standing at just over one metre, The DSP7200.2 outperforms loudspeakers of up to four times their size, providing a convincing and life-size performance at home. Meridian’s unique DSP technologies provide the DSP7200 with freedom of room placement without sonic penalty. A new Enhanced Bass Alignment provides natural sounding bass that simply must be heard and now the pice has been repositioned down to £17,000, this offers a great chance for customers to upgrade. 
  10. Meridain DSP5200 SE In Black

    Meridian Audio DSP 5200 SE


    Ex-Demo pair available please contact us

    2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of Meridian’s first digital loudspeaker – in fact the first digital loudspeaker in the world – the D600 in 1989.

    The smallest of Meridian's Special Edition range of enhanced DSP Loudspeakers, the DSP5200SE is under a metre high, but delivers exceptional performance. Here is where the Meridian DSP Loudspeaker philosophy really comes into its own, delivering simply stunning bass and full-range performance from a relatively small cabinet.

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