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Meridian Audio DSP 5200.2

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Providing astonishing musical power, the New DSP5200.2 redefines the compact floor standing loudspeaker category. This remodelled speaker improves musicality and control over their predecessors and not only that but Meridian have lowered the prcie by £1,000. A true, full range loudspeaker, the DSP5200.2 often surprises listeners with their ability to provide deep impactful bass. Standard finishes are offered in Piano Lacquered white or black.  Included in the Meridian Select program, 270 bespoke color finishes are available, making them at home in any décor.

Soundcraft's Opinion

Having heard the new 5200.2 speakers side by side against the recently discontinued the difference is quite staggering especially as they have also come down in price. The SE speakers of course are better again and without a doubt our most popular seller but Meridian have done themselves proud with this remodelled version. With the mono built in amplification and the overall quality of the speakers paired with an MS600 streamer/preamplifier is simply stunning. When we think about "when is the best time to buy" we really do have to say now that you can use a QNAP, we think this is a great time. We really believe at Soundcraft that everyone is different and that is just fine. We are still at the same location here in Ashford in Kent after 70 years because we really want customers to buy what they really like, you can then enjoy your purchase for many years to come. We want you to enjoy the prcoess of choosing the right system for you and will be happy to take as long as it takes, to help you decide. if you have any questions at all about the prodcuts or would like to arrange a time to come and see us then we will look forward to hearing from you.

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DSP5200 White

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Full Description

Adopting the same cabinet design and technology principles as the flagship DSP8000, the compact DSP5200.2 stays under one metre tall, yet ingeniously houses three custom drivers, three amplifiers, and advanced sound-shaping DSP computers in each cabinet. Featuring SpeakerLink technology, the DSP5200.2 provides high performance with a simple, unobtrusive, and easy to connect Ethernet style cable, providing click and play simplicity of installation. 

From smaller rooms to more spacious environments, the DSP5200.2 fits in perfectly and is state-of-the-art speaker design, and the sound is, quite simply, remarkable.
The DSP5200.2 is a powerful, yet relatively compact (under a metre high) member of Meridian's DSP Loudspeaker family that out-performs anything of its size, while its visual design and elegance remain second-to-none.

Taking its cue from the flagship DSP8000, the DSP5200.2 distils its essence into a smaller package that is suitable not only for delivering superb sound where space is limited, but also more expansive environments, as well as being suitable as a side speaker, for example, in larger surround system.

Available in over 270 colours

Meridian Select, our bespoke colour service, provides a choice of over 270 different colours and shades to help your Meridian system achieve an ideal match – or striking standout look – within its surroundings.

The DSP5200.2 is available as standard in a choice of black or white high gloss lacquer finishes.

DSP5200 is available in vertical format either as pairs, or as a vertical centre speaker for surround applications. A DSP5200.2HC horizontal centre version is also available for installation under a screen

Innovative SpeakerLink for simple Cat 5 interconnects

Uniform bass response via careful tuning of the system bass alignment

Proprietary ‘apodising’ upsampling filter improves audio quality of standard sample rate signals

Powerful, compact and elegant digital active loudspeaker with ‘2½-way’ DSP crossover

Listener remote control features including bass, treble tilt, listening axis, volume, time-compensated balance and absolute phase

Dynamic bass protection system avoids LF distortion at high levels
The DSP5200.2 includes Meridian's innovative SpeakerLink interface, which allows digital audio and Meridian Comms to be carried between components on a single, standard Cat 5 STP cable. In addition it features Meridian's innovative Apodising upsampling filter for improved audio quality from standard sample-rate sources, and improved DSP features.


DSP Loudspeakers

The traditional setup – amplifiers driving passive loudspeakers – is inefficient,

limiting sound quality. Meridian loudspeakers contain a complete, matched audio

system with efficient DSP crossovers, multiple DACs and driver-specific amplifiers,

giving higher overall quality, less power use, and the performance of a traditional

loudspeaker eight times the physical volume.



Traditional audio systems often require large, expensive cables to maintain their

performance. Meridian's SpeakerLink uses an “Ethernet style” cable that delivers

pristine digital sound and control down a single cable between Meridian components.

The result is simple, unobtrusive, and cost-effective cables that are easy to install


Loudspeaker enclosures often vibrate, colouring the sound, making it less lifelike.

Our most advanced loudspeakers use a cabinet construction material unique to Meridian:

Meridian features highest-grade laminated plywood layers bonded to an aluminium core,

allowing the loudspeaker to reproduce music accurately without adding its own sound.


Triple FIFO Buffering

Each sample of a digital recording must remain evenly spaced in time. Unfortunately, timing

can vary, especially when reading discs. This is “jitter”, degrading music's sense of space

and diminishing realism. Meridian's multiple “First In, First Out” buffering system minimises

jitter, ensuring perfect timing and improved clarity. You enjoy a clearer feeling of the instruments

and their interrelationship.


Meridian High Resolution (MHR)

MHR was the first approved encryption method for transferring high definition digital audio

between components. Previously, it had to be in the analogue domain, reducing quality. MHR

allows secure movement of high resolution digital audio within a Meridian system, without

compromise, improving quality by reducing cyclic repetition.


Meridian Apodising Filter

Filters are critical in digital audio. Commonly they introduce distortion and harshness because

of "pre-ringing". Early digital recordings suffer from harshness too, due to primitive filters. After

painstaking research, Meridian developed a special filter that avoids pre-ringing, so it can be

steeper, cleaning up the effects of early filters. The result: a better, cleaner sound from recordings

old and new.



Technical Documents: (all open in new windows)


View DSP5200.2 Data Sheet

View DSP5200.2 User Guide here

 View Meridian DSP White Paper



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Frequency response in-room within 3dB from 35Hz to over 20kHz. Linear-phase mid/top crossover. Output >108dB spl @ 1m on music material. Noise less than 15dB spl. Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level.
Meridian SpeakerLink in and out (RJ45)
S/PDIF digital input, 32kHz–96kHz sampling rates at up to 24 bit with MHR support (phono).
‘2 1/2-way’ acoustic reflex system. Single-port (vertical model) or dual-port (horizontal centre).
2 x 160mm polypropylene bass drivers.
1 x 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter, silver wire, short horn-loaded.
Two precision 24/192 oversampling converters for bass/mid and tweeter signals. Active bass/mid crossover. Digital and conversion electronics constructed using advanced surface-mount techniques and partitioned 6-layer printed-circuit boards.
150MIPS digital signal processor. Digital crossover at 2.6kHz. Response correction for the whole system. Bass protection. User tone controls. Analogue/digital volume and phase control.
Three 75W power amplifiers, one for each driver.
Eight-character display with system lights, can be blanked.
Vertical model: height: 903mm/36in (without spikes/feet); width: 300mm/ 12in at base, tapering to 179mm/7in; depth: 356mm/14in at base, tapering to 217mm/8.5in.
35kg packed.