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Mobile Fidelity UHQR: Earl Klugh : Finger Paintings

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One of 8 limited edition records by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (only 5000 of each ever made)
Earl Klugh Finger Paintings. (MFQR 1-035) Certificate of authenticity included. (2617 out of 5000)
Stunning condition, one owner since new, only played once and never cleaned with any chemical/solution.
A true example of near mint condition.

UHQR:  Earl Klugh : Finger Paintings

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In 1981, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab also produced eight UHQR (Ultra High Quality Record) albums.

Album Box: The record album is housed in a 3/4 inch thick black cardboard box. On the inside of the cover of the box is a pouch that holds the Technical Specification Manual, and the UHQR Certificate of Authenticity. The record itself is housed in a separate inner album cover, sandwiched in between two 1/4 inch foam protectors. The inner album cover is black with "Original Master Recording." in a red strip at the top, and "UHQR By Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab" in the lower right corner. Inside the inner album cover, the record is in a static free inner sleeve.

Production Run: All MFSL UHQR albums were made in limited quantities of 5,000 numbered copies each.

Super Vinyl: MFSL UHQR records were made with Super Vinyl. Super Vinyl was produced using a highly-polymerized synthetic resin with high vinyl acetate content derived from a vinylchloride-vinylacetate coploymer. Its characteristics include superior elasticity, extreme durability, and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Its frequency response is so accurate that the specification of plus or minus 0.5dB is maintained over a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz.


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Technical Specifications:

Distortion: Distortion was so low on MFSL UHQR records that nearly theoretical values were achieved. Low, mid, and high range distortions were improved by 12, 10 and 6 dB or more, respectively.

Frequency Response: Frequency response on MFSL UHQR records is flat. Its accuracy is within plus or minus 0.5 dB, whereas conventional records have a frequency response of plus or minus 3 dB.

Record Quality: Production of UHQR records by MFSL produced minimal individual disc quality variations.

Surface Vibration: Mid-range disc surface vibration at 700 Hz was reduced by 10 dB.

Wear Resistance: Because MFSL UHQR records are flat, thick, and free from physical shape distortion, there is relatively little wear resistance.