Linn Klimax Renew DS

Klimax DS to DSM With Exakt

The integration and performance benefits offered by Klimax DSM, along with the recent addition of Exakt Links, makes the move to Klimax DSM a compelling one for Klimax DS owners.

With this in mind, we developed an upgrade package for Klimax DS owners that swaps their Klimax DS board for DSM boards inside their existing DS case, and reuses the old DS board in a Renew DS to create a second player.

There are several key performance benefits to upgrading to an integrated Klimax DSM from separate DS and Kontrol:

  • Cable loss is eliminated thanks to the internal digital connection between the DS source and the pre-amp
  • Switching loss no longer occurs as this is now performed losslessly in the digital domain
  • The digital volume control has a lower noise floor than the analogue volume control in the Klimax Kontrol
  • External digital sources benefit from the Klimax quality internal DACs
  • When you connect an analogue source, it is passed through the same analogue volume control design as the Klimax Kontrol, plus it benefits from reduced interference due to the addition of transformer isolation.

Linn Exakt Launch

Linn Exakt Launch

Join us on Tuesday 26th August 2014 at 6.30pm for the launch of Akurate Exakt and discover just how incredible it sounds for yourself.

Using the same ground-breaking Exakt technology found in Linn’s Klimax Exakt system, Akurate Exakt is the true performance choice for music lovers.

Exakt technology radically improves audio performance, pushing the lossless digital path all the way to the speaker. This removes unwanted noise and distortion, offering the  purest source of music available.

Every Akurate Exakt system is personalised just for you and your home. Your system’s performance can be optimised based on the characteristics of your room, furnishings and the location of your speakers. So like your home, your system is unique to you.

Arcam “Road to Rio” Trade-In


Arcam “Road to Rio” Trade-In Promotion:

The fantastic people at Arcam are offering an awesome opportunity for existing customers to upgrade from their old home cinema receiver to one of the new, stunning AVR Receivers or the flagship AVR 950 Home Cinema Processor.

This offer will run from now until the 13th July 2014 and means that you can get the following back against one of the new products in the 2014 range.

Trade in an Arcam home cinema product from the list below and get

£950 off the new AVR950 Processor, bringing the price down from £6000 to £5050
£750 off the new AVR750 Receiver, bringing the price down from £4000 to £3250
£450 off the new AVR450 Receiver, bring the price down from £2200 to £1750

“For almost 20 years, we at Arcam have been as busy developing home cinema systems as we have continually improving our hi-fi products, but there’s really more to that statement than may at first appear.

You see, while we realised a long time back that even the biggest and best video display screen is nothing without a great sound system, we also believe that the perfect home entertainment system should sound as good when playing music as it does when crashing out the latest action movie or tingling your spine with atmospheric sound effects.”

Arcam have set new standards with their new range of AV receivers and the AV950 processor. They are perfectly at home with music as with film soundtracks which is rare from an AV receiver or processor. The quality the new range offers really makes them unmatched by the competition and now with this fantastic offer from Arcam there is even more reason to upgrade.

*qualifying Arcam receivers include

AVR100 AVR200 AVR250 AVR280 AVR300 AVR350
AVR360 AVR400 AVR500 AVR600 AVP700 AV8 AV9 AV888

Linn Kore Subchassis

Just had a good listen to two Majik LP-12s one fitted with a Kore sub chassis £750.00 and one fitted with the Majik sub chassis £350.00.

Amazing differences the Kore is audibly superior. More detail preserved so less information loss means a better sound and its so much easier to follow the music.

Of course if you want the Reference sub chassis version its called a Keel and we have one fitted to our Reference LP-12 here at the shop.