About Us

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading specialist shops in our industry. We have a huge range of products available for demonstration from some of the leading UK and worldwide manufacturers. We can offer advice, demonstration, installation, service and configuration of a wide selection of audio and video products.

We find ourselves in interesting times in this industry, our shop has been in Ashford for over 70 years and we have seen, survived and prospered during those seven decades. We have seen the ebb and flow of new technologies, some successful, some now not so (Laserdisc, Minidisc, DAT Tape, Cassette, VHS, the list goes on!) but the one that refuses to give in is vinyl, this is one area which we are very fond of, selling a range of turntables from the entry level Rega Planar1 at to the reference level Linn LP12. We are also a Linn LP12 Service Station and can offer full servicing, repair, upgrades and "tweaking" to ensure your beloved LP12 is performing at the very highest level. Our M.D, Geoff Mathews is our resident turntable expert and with a few decades of experience under his belt, is usually found in the workshop, breathing new life into a customer’s much treasured record deck.

At the other end of the Hi-Fi spectrum we have thrown ourselves fully behind the digital streaming revolution, now, in our opinion, this doesn't mean having a million songs on a portable device that all sound a bit "awful" but providing our clients with the ability to store all of their music in a lossless format, control it with a Phone, tablet, PC etc. and listen to it on a music streamer, designed to give you better audio performance than an equivalent priced CD player. If you don't believe that this is possible then sign up to our newsletter or contact us to find out about our open events or book a demo where we can show you how good streamed music can be!



We are proud to host a range of events throughout the year. To see our upcoming events, be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media channels.


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All of this means nothing if we can't prove our worth. What better way to prove it than showing you what our customers say about us on TrustPilot. Take a look for yourself!



Meet the Team

Geoff Mathews

Sam Mathews

Dan Mathews

Geoff Mathews - Managing Director

Sam Mathews - Store Manager

Dan Mathews - Senior Sales Consultant

"The Boss" and our resident turntable guru.

Geoff has been involved with Soundcraft since he was "knee high to a grasshopper" and is our go to resource for so many questions about the more "vintage" equipment that we deal with.

His knowledge and experience is vital to Soundcrafts sucess and ongoing growth, we have found that, however good some of the more modern shops are, having that history gives our clients confidence that we know our specialist subject and Geoff is key to this.








Sam has been at Soundcraft for over 20 years, heaps of enthusiasm and a love of hi-fi, is rather fond of bass and a nice clean but loud system!

Our Store Manager and Geoffs youngest son he has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the years. His attention to detail is second to none and takes great pride in making sure all customers get exactly what they want.

Some people do not know what they want or need until they talk to Sam, he makes the most complicated of things very straight forward and easy to understand.

One of Sam's many qualities is to make your Soundcraft Experience as pleasant as possible and nothing really makes him prouder than a happy customer.

Whether you talk to Sam on the phone or have a demonstration booked with him, you will be treated in the same helpful and kind manner.




Daniel has been at Soundcraft for over 10 years now and is our resident Meridian Audio expert.

Some of his recent projects have been based around full Meridian Digital systems and have produced some of the best surround systems we've heard for a very long time.

When it comes to the integration of a "standard" high-end two channel system with the latest cutting edge home cinema system, Dan would be the right person to talk to.






Ben Spargo

Paul Rawlings


Ben Spargo - Online Sales Manager

Paul Rawlings - Installations Manager


Starting in 2015 as a week of work experience, sorting out our extremely valuable vinyl collection, Ben then progressed to Saturday lad and in 2017, he became our first official apprentice.

Since finishing his qualifications he has decided to stay with Soundcraft and he n ow manages our online stores including eBay and Amazon as well as our website.

He is also our font of knowledge regarding the more "techie" questions to do with computers and networking.

Something not quite connecting to the internet? Issues with the website? Ben is who you need.

Ben is also our resident drone pilot!

Paul is the most "senior" of our non-family (by blood at least) members of staff.

He is proficient in planning, executing and even crafting creative solutions to make any setup work which makes him the obvious choice to be our Installations Manager.

Like everyone here, he also has a natural passion for music. Nothing makes him happier than providing a customer the best possible sounding solution no matter the budget.

Whether it's hanging and banging a TV to a wall or a fully cabled surround system, Paul will be able to leave it neat, tidy and performing at the highest quality.
He is the man to talk to to make everything "just work".

Paul is also able to assist on any eBay and Amazon queries.



Yes, we are currently hiring!

We are looking for a salesperson to be stationed in our shop on the Ashford high street.

Is that a role that interests you? - Give us a call on 01233 624441 and ask for Geoff or email geoff.mathews@soundcrafthifi.com to set up a date where we can have a proper meet & greet!