Smart Home

Smart Home Audio

Whether you are looking for a single room of music, controlled by your iPhone or iPad or a whole house solution with music in the bathroom, kitchen and outside areas, we can help. We offer a site survey facility so we can discuss your requirements, planning and consultation and will work with your electricians and other trades to fulfil your requirements.

Smart Home Video

We can offer solutions for a TV in one or two rooms with a centralised Sky box, all the way up to multiple rooms and multiple sources so you can watch anything you like in any room you want to.

Again, site surveys and planning is the key to this type of solution so, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


“Dear Geoff
Thank you very much indeed for giving us so much excellent service today and thank you for making such a wonderful improvement to the Linn. For your information, within an hour of your departure, My son (who really did not like the Linn and the sound) asked his father to put on a vinyl for him to listen to!
The works today made a fantastic difference to the system and we are all very impressed. We are looking forward to receiving the new speaker cables as they will make an even better difference to the sound. Many thanks for your excellent price for your works today and thank you for the wonderful changes to our system.
I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.”

A very satisfied customer from Tunbridge Wells

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