Trade-In Available

We are always happy to consider trading in your pre-owned product against your new purchase. We will usually look at the current "going price" for your item and make an offer based on this. We offer this facility so you don't have to deal with photographing, listing, answering questions etc about your item. We do have to consider the costs of doing part exchanges  (VAT, fees if the item is sold on eBay, payment processing etc) and this cost will be reflected in the trade in value that we can offer.

If you are interested in part exchanging and upgrading to something new then please Contact Us and any of our team will be happy to discuss options with you.

We also sometimes have trade in offers that are supported by our manufacturers, these are usually a good way to get a bit extra back for your kit so sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed of any latest offers. We WILL NOT sell your email address and will only contact you with interesting news and definitely not every day! (We haven't ever sold any customer data in the last 70 odd years so we are not about to start now!)