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Meet The Team...

Geoff Mathews

Managing Director


"The Boss" and our resident turntable guru. Geoff has been involved with Soundcraft since he was "knee high to a grasshopper" and is our go to resource for so many questions about the more "vintage" equipment that we deal with. His knowledge and experience is vital to Soundcrafts sucess and ongoing growth, we have found that, however good some of the more modern shops are, having that history gives our clients confidence that we know our specialist subject and Geoff is key to this.

Sam Mathews

Store Manager


Sam has been at Soundcraft for 14 years, heaps of enthusiasm and a love of hi-fi, is rather fond of bass and a nice clean but loud system!

Our Store Manager and Geoffs youngest son he has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the last 14 years. His attention to detail is second to none and takes great pride in making sure all customers get exactly what they want.

Some people do not know what they want or need until they talk to Sam, he makes the most complicated of things very straight forward and easy to understand.

One of Sam's many qualities is to make your Soundcraft Experience as pleasant as possible and nothing really makes him prouder than a happy customer.

Whether you talk to Sam on the phone or have a demonstration booked with him, you will be treated in the same helpful and kind manner.


Dan Mathews

Senior Sales Consultant


Daniel has been at Soundcraft for 6 years now and is our resident Meridian Audio expert. Some of his recent projects have been based around full Meridian Digital systems and have produced some of the best surround systems we've heard for a very long time. When it comes to the integration of a "standard" high-end two channel system with the latest cutting edge home cinema system, Dan would be the right person to talk to. 


Paul Rawlings

Installations Manager / Control 4 Certified


Paul has been at Soundcraft for 15 years, he is our installation manager and longest serving sales specialist. Paul also deals with our website, our Amazon shop, our eBay shop and our online and social media prescence. Specialist subjects include Linn DS and Naim Audio and is a keen promotor of the new streaming technologies. Having been a vinyl enthusiast for over 2 decades he also supports Geoff with the turntable side of our business.

Paul is one of our Control4 certified members of staff and if you are looking to implement any sort of Multi-Room audio or Smart Home technology in your house then Paul will be the person to complete a site survey, design wiring schematics and make sure your new system is as future-proof as possible.

Having completed Control4 certified and has completed training on Linn DS, Naim Audio, Arcam and PMC among others. He is our install manager and also deals with our Amazon, eBay and e-commerce shop.


Ben Spargo

Admin Assistant / Apprentice


Ben is the newest member of the Soundcraft team. Starting in mid 2015 doing a week of work experience, sorting out our extremely valuable vinyl collection. Ben then progressed to Saturday lad and now is our fully employed (and first!) apprentice.

Three years later, Ben is now our font of knowledge regarding 'basic' networking as well as other software and hardware issues. He co-manages the website along with our Amazon store while also keeping on top of our social media pages.

Still with a lot to learn, Ben will always give you a plesant experience even if he cannot quite answer your question.

Ben is also our resident drone pilot!